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Package eneter.messaging.messagingsystems.composites

Extensions for messaging systems.

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Package eneter.messaging.messagingsystems.composites Description

Extensions for messaging systems. The composites are extensions which can be composed on top of each other in order to add additional features into the communication. E.g. connection monitoring, connection recovery, authentication or communication via the message bus.

The following example shows how to add the connection monitoring and the authentication into the communication via TCP.
 // Create TCP messaging system.
 IMessagingSystemFactory anUnderlyingMessaging = new TcpMessagingSystemFactory();
 // Create monitored messaging which takes TCP as underlying messaging.
 IMessagingSystemFactory aMonitoredMessaging = new MonitoredMessagingFactory(anUnderlyingMessaging);
 // Create messaging with authenticated connection.
 // It takes monitored messaging as the underlying messaging.
 IMessagingSystemFactory aMessaging = new AuthenticatedMessagingFactory(aMonitoredMessaging, ...);
 // Creating channels.
 IDuplexInputChannel anInputChannel = aMessaging.createDuplexInputChannel("tcp://");
 IDuplexInputChannel anOutputChannel = aMessaging.createDuplexOutputChannel("tcp://");
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